TENKER Soundbar, 37-inch 4 Speakers Wired and Wireless Bluetooth 2-Channel Soundbar, Home Theater Speakers for TV (Surround Sound, Remote Control, Wall Mountable)


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  • 【POWERFUL LOUD SOUND SOUNDBAR】: The built-in 4 powerful speakers delivers full, rich and realistic sounds that feel much more natural to your ears and immerse you in your entertainment with minimal static noise and distortion. Our TV soundbar is specially made to enhance your TV sound.
  • 【WIRED AND WIRELESS CONNECTIONS】: Stream TV, cellphone and tablet audio via Bluetooth pairing from up to 33 feet effective distance, connect to TV, DVD player, projector, MP3, PC, laptop etc via line in/optical/aux connectors.
  • 【REMOTE OPERATION】: Playback settings can be conveniently adjusted via either the buttons on the soundbar or by using the remote control, whilst different colored LED lights match specific functions.
  • 【THREE SOUND EFFECTS TO CHOOSE FROM】: Three sound effects allow you to optimize the audio so that it is best suited to what you are listening to; whether you need clear dialogue for news, treble and bass rhythm for music, 3D surround sound effects for movies or create a sense of authenticity and excitement for sport events.
  • 【EASY TO SETUP】: The TENKER soundbar for TV can be placed horizontally on the TV cabinet or mounted on the wall for an elegant setup that reduces clutter and saves space. No matter where you choose to place it, rich clear sound will reach the entire room.


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Turn any room into your private theatre.


Warm Tips for Use of Tenker Soundbar

  • For traditional TVs, please use a ‘line-in’ connection.
  • For smart TVs, please choose Bluetooth, line-in or optical connections.
  • For optical connections, please change your TV audio output to PCM (PCM is a form of digital signal that is used to represent analog data, and is an optional audio format on many televisions).
  • If the soundbar has delayed audio, this can be fixed via the audio settings on your TV.
  • Please remove the white cap on the optical cable before connecting.
  • Please turn the volume up on both the soundbar and TV/smartphone to increase the volume.

36 reviews for TENKER Soundbar, 37-inch 4 Speakers Wired and Wireless Bluetooth 2-Channel Soundbar, Home Theater Speakers for TV (Surround Sound, Remote Control, Wall Mountable)

  1. Richie Parker

    Worth it
    When I received the speaker it wasn’t working. So I message the seller about the problem and they reply me right away. They are amazing. Now my family used the speaker and it’s clear and loud. We love it. Highly recommended to families and friends.

  2. Fred L. Martin

    Very reliable. Use it all the time.
    The sound is great. It fills the room at little volume. Turn it up and it only gets better. No apparent distortion. I would get another in a second. If anyone wants a quality sound bar at a very reasonable price then this is it.

  3. Tizodm80

    Excellent Value in a Soundbar for a Smaller Space
    I really like this soundbar and it was a good value! I have it connected to a 2017 model 75″ Samsung LED TV in a VERY large room. That said, in such a large room, this soundbar does strain a bit to provide the type of volume that I would like when looking for immersive sound during an action movie for example, BUT – when I placed this in our bedroom which is much smaller, the sound really came alive. I wouldn’t hesitate on this one. Pros – – I really liked and appreciated all of the included cables. It includes: —- AUX Cable – 3.5mm to 3.5mm for connecting phones/ipods —- Composite Cable – RCA to RCA for connecting external devices and older TVs —- Optical Cable – for connecting newer TVs —- Bluetooth – for connecting everything else modern and it worked GREAT, ZERO lag – Remote Control has a very nice feel to it with very good button response. – Soundbar itself is light weight, and can be placed on a surface for wall mounted using slots on the back and screws. Look and feel is good, and easy to blend into anything really. – Sound quality to good – Instructions were easy to follow – Turns off after a spell when not in use to save power Suggestions: – Use in normal sized / smaller rooms for best results – Colors of LED referenced in manual for the source aren’t correct, but easy to follow once you cycle through (ex. “Indigo” mentioned is actually more “Cyan”) – Use Bluetooth if you can, really is flawless with zero lag / lip syncing issues and makes this a wireless package (less power cable)

  4. Manuel Deguzman

    Five Stars
    Clear workswell

  5. HT

    Worth the price!
    The soundbar is well worth the price. It includes various settings for movies, music and includes a bass/treble setting to tweak the sound to your liking.

  6. Z

    Great for the price
    Great for the price. Had a little issue with mine and customer service took care of me and was extremely nice and professional.

  7. Krystle Frazier

    Works well!
    Product works great in our kid’s playroom!

  8. tina baugh

    Great sound for the price
    Easy set up and great sound!

  9. Jose Bernal

    Well constructed but poor sound | UPDATE 5/5
    The sound bar feels sturdy and as if its built with good materials, but I purchased this item for the sound it produces..which is poor quality. I received several different cables to connect the bar to the tv which is nice. The remote for the sound bar feels really good. The only draw back about this product is the sound which is not clear at all and produces a lot of distortion. The tanker company contacted me to rectify any issue I had. This company clearly cares about its customers. They were very swift with their service. This is a great company on the come up.

  10. Hans Erickson

    Easy set up
    It was easy to set up and it works well.

  11. Deepak

    The sound is not loud enough, it needs a subwoofer with this unit. My TV is louder than the Sound Bar.

  12. Steve M.

    Tenker sound bar
    Wow, this sound bar has an awesome sound while I was listening to music. Can’t wait to watch movies with it. I wasnt sure if I should order this, but I took a chance due to low price and it paid off. It shipped and arrived a day earlier than tracking said it would. I’m planning to buy another for bedroom.

  13. mariajthomae

    Great sound!
    Great sound system at a wonderful price!

  14. Nishanth Sriramoju

    Decent sound quality for that price
    I recommend this product.This has a pretty good sound quality that my vizo sound bar.great for that price

  15. ccep22

    Really nice sound
    This sound has a nice sound for a small to medium room

  16. Amazon Customer

    I received my speaker in 2 days. Took me 1 hour to completely install and teach myself the remote control options. My $700 samsung TV’s sound was good for MOST tv shows and sporting events BUT when I watched public tv and the english progamming I couldnt understand what people like Sherlock Holmes, the detective masterpiece mysteries and most all of the “kings and queens” movies, the accent was hard to understand. With this product I understand ALL the dialog. With this sound bar you can not only get digital audio but also trebel, bass, surround all easy access. It sounds better than my stereo speakers on my stereo music receivers. Small, easy to operate, easy to install (I’m 69 years old) its just great, now I can watch all my favorite shows and understand every word.

  17. Renu Maharjan

    Happy so far!
    I was looking for a speaker for my TV. Then I bought it after my friend recommended me. I tested this as soon as I got this, and I am happy with it so far. I hope it doesn’t disappoint me.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Pretty impressed for the price
    Pretty small soundbar. Relatively loud for its size though. Led indicator can be annoying and no sub

  19. Jon F. Salzman

    Expected less. Great for 32-40” TVs and wall hangable.
    Nice soundbar. Compact. Only about 1.5 inches high. Has digital toslink (fiber optic) and analog inputs. Bluetooth connects easily. Would be great for a 32-40” tv. Wall hangable. Will it replace your home theater with surround and dedicated subwoofer? No. But, was impressed with the frequency response for the size and way better than tv speakers. Simple 1 button sound field plus bass and treble adjustment. I wish there was an indicator of levels, but you can listen. To the change while repeatedly pressing the bass and treble buttons until the desired amount is achieved. Source is indicated by color of led on front. Used in a dorm room for both tv and as a Bluetooth speaker.

  20. Amazon Customer

    Great quality
    This sound bar has a great theatre effect. Sound is clear and loud. Perfect size, doesn’t take up too much space.

  21. Mrs.adil

    Crisp sound and great quality
    This soundbar is perfect for my needs… I love that it is able to pair with my phone, as I listen to alot of lectures via my phone while cleaning and cooking and I’m always using my phone and it’s easier now that I have clear crisp sound quality without being attached to my phone. I love how it’s simple to just lay it flat across my TV stand and not worry about wires and all.. set up is simple and clear and size is decent for my use. Well built and worth the price for the quality of this product. The design also has a sleek look. Definitely try it out as they have a great tech support system also they are very prompt in replying to emails and are a very courteous seller.. recommend this product to anyone looking for a decent quality sound bar.

  22. Neel Patel

    and it looks really nice too. i also use it just for music …
    Really more than what i expected for the Price! I bought this to get a little more life out of a older TV that have, the built-in speakers are shot. I was actually impressed with the clarity and volume that the soundbar produces! Set-up was a breeze, and it looks really nice too. i also use it just for music off my phone too when im not watching TV. also has it’s own settings apart from the TV, to adjust the sound just right!.

  23. Richard Miser

    Five Stars
    easy to install, sounds great

  24. S. Rice

    Good sound paired nicely with tv
    Working as expected. Took a bit to figure out the colored lights to understand what mode we needed to use. Paired with visio smart tv for outside use.

  25. Ken

    Honestly this is a nice sound bar though I returned it
    Honestly this is a nice sound bar though I returned it, I did not return it because of sound quality or product defective but because I had thought it’s rechargeable because I want to be able to be moving it around cordless, other than that it’s a nice piece of sound machine.

  26. Theresa M. A. Mortenson

    Great with Bluetooth
    Works great but the sound isn’t very laud unless you use Bluetooth. Guess I’m buying a new tv.

  27. andrew Gonzalez

    Not bad at all
    Gets the job done

  28. Hossein

    Five Stars
    Great speaker, It looks good, very thin and the quality is good.

  29. CB

    Five Stars
    We ordered this sound bar and loved it so much we ordered another one!

  30. stephen

    Five Stars
    Great customer service. A+

  31. msproverbs356

    I would recommend it to others
    This was very easy to set up and mount on the wall. We are happy with the price and it looks great on the wall. Make sure you adjust the sound on your TV.

  32. Hien N.

    Great sound for the price
    Great soundbar. Paired up well with my Samsung smart tv. Volume and sound quality was great for the price.

  33. James Seminole

    Worth the price and provide better sound
    I ordered this sound bar as I feel the sound from my 55″ TV is not so good. For the price, I would not regret my choice. It is way better than the TV speakers. It really produces nice rich sound. I can feel the difference while switching between the TV speaker and this soundbar.I used to optical cable to connect it to my TV. The setup is easy. I also connected my phone to soundbar to play music. So far I really enjoy this toy!

  34. Michael N

    The price is great
    At first i wasnt too sure if i was going to buy this soundbar, because my brother bought a cheap soundbar few years ago, and the sound waa hurrible. When i decided to give this soundbar a trial, the story was different. I sound quality is legit. Am enjoying this soundbar.

  35. Candy

    Great value and quantity
    The product is very functional and has great options for different expectations. I use it for my TV, iPhone, iPad, and the sounds come out in very delightful and pleasant. I really enjoy this soundbar so far.

  36. Sarai Prochazka

    Great for the price
    Wasnt expecting much from this unit as it was cheap, but I am pleasantly very surprised. It has nice rich full sound and is no comparison to how the tv speakers sounded alone. We don’t have a cheap tv, but the speaker always seem to be lacking on tvs now. It hooked up easily, is the perfect size for my 42″, is easily adjusted for bass level, included all cables, and is wall mountable. Can’t really ask for more from an inexpensive soundbar.

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