TENKER [S6] Mini Cube Pico Projector with Wi-Fi, Smart DLP Projectors for Outdoor Indoor Movies, Includes Mini Tripod, 30,000-Hour Leds, Supports Android and iOS Devices


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  • HIGH DEFINITION DISPLAY IMAGES: Featuring DLP technology from Texas Instruments, this Cube DLP Projector brings razor sharp pictures and amazing videos with incredible color and brightness. It furthermore supports 1080p video files and has a native resolution of 854*480 (FWVGA). This projector provides you with an awesome viewing experience.
  • Wi-Fi DISPLAY: The built-in Linux system with Wi-Fi is integrated with the most advanced 802.11a/b/g/n for both 2.4ghz switches, enables simultaneous screen mirroring and streaming. Thanks to this, you can achieve not only Miracast for Android devices, but also Airplay for iOS devices. Enjoy your favorite movies or pictures more conveniently, anywhere.
  • BATTERY CHARGING: The internal rechargeable 2,600 mAH lithium battery provides up to 1-1.5 hours of playing time on a single charge, whilst the RGB LED lights have a super service-life of up to 30,000 hours. Never be left in the dark again.
  • ADJUSTABLE PROJECTION SIZE: Despite its miniature size, this 2.1-inch Pocket Pico Projector is capable of bringing 7-100 inches projection screen with a projection distance of 0.18-2.5m. For optimum viewing, we recommend a projection distance of about 1.5m~2m.
  • We believe in the quality of our products so much that a 3-YEAR guarantee is provided. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us freely. Package includes 1 x projector, 1 x remote control, 1 x tripod, 1 x power Cable, 1 x power adapter, 1 x HDMI cable, 1 x HDMI adapter, 1 x manual.
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33 reviews for TENKER [S6] Mini Cube Pico Projector with Wi-Fi, Smart DLP Projectors for Outdoor Indoor Movies, Includes Mini Tripod, 30,000-Hour Leds, Supports Android and iOS Devices

  1. cholula

    Pretty impressive device! Quality isn’t stunning, but it’s quite good and bright. Absurdly tiny and convenient, Wi-Fi cell link for streaming, most importantly it has an sd slot to capitalize on its convenient slot. I dropped 200gb of movies right inside, bring my large battery pack and power it off that, and I’ve literally got a wireless movie theatre that fits in one hand. The cons: no software image adjustment, especially angle compensation. Every other projector I’ve used can at least digitally manipulate the image to appear straight, this throws image straight and that’s that. So if you put it on the floor and shine it at a wall, your picture will be distorted like a trapezoid. Also no digital zoom, picture size is determined solely by distance. I suppose if I’m getting nitpicky I find the focus adjuster to be a little too small and thus a little too sensitive, but it does work well! All in all, it’s not perfect, but it’s an impressive little machine and I don’t regret buying it!

  2. Martin

    Buy Buy Buy
    Great product! Definitely worth every penny!

  3. William Hascall

    Big display in a small box.
    This is more than just a toy. I use it for demonstration as well as gaming. Wifi can be a little finicky but still good overall.

  4. E. Thomas

    Once you upgrade this puppy…Everything is Awesome!!
    Great mini Pico Projector! I looked up most of the “flaws” to this product before purchasing it and put together a few “solutions” that have helped me and may help others along the way. 1. Battery life issue: (Fixed) Purchased a compact 13000mAh Ultra-Portable Phone Charger Power Bank 2. Support Stand/mini-tripod does not hold well: (Fixed) Purchased a cheap Lightweight Compact Aluminum Alloy Mini Desktop Tabletop Tripod with 360 Degree Panoramic Ball Head and Quick Release Plate 3. Sound output sucks: (Fixed) Purchased a mini-portable bluetooth speaker w/connection cord (in case bluetooth has issues) 4. HDMI connection cord on back weighs-down the Projector: (Fixed) Purchased a Bi-Directional Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable Mini HDMI Male to HDMI Female Adapter Cable 5. And finally, this is not a “fix” per say but a great addition to this is a DSLR/SLR Camera Shoulder/Gadget Bag to hold everything tight and secure for travel and storage. After that, it’s rock and roll time anywhere you travel or give presentations!!

  5. Ivy C.

    great customer service.
    It works at first. But was not able to turn it on anymore after 3 month. Now need to claim warranty for it, if I still able to since Warranty stated 3 years. Was contacted by customer service and they try very hard to mend the situation. great customer service.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great color and clear picture!
    Great projector, it’s very small. I project on my bedroom wall and the picture was clear with great color( my wall was beige), I think it will work better on a projector screen or a white wall. It’s easy to setup with WiFi and get connected, I haven’t try the hdmi yet, still waiting on my hdmi adapter that connects to my phone. I recommend this! 5 stars.

  7. Xiaocao X.

    Tiny but great
    Tiny but great. Very small size and I take it to project at different places of home. Love that convenience! Thinking to take it to camping next time. I have looked around for projector for a while and can’t decided because no perfect place to set up a regular projector at my home. Now with the tiny portable projector I have many choices and easily change. Quality and sound are good. I project at bedroom wall at night to watch shows and it feels great. Sometimes I project to ceiling and lay at bed and watch.

  8. Amy

    Overall this is a good product, extreme small which is very easy to carry, quiet compare to the traditional projector, convenient with wifi connection. When you project the image to a huge screen form such this small cube, it looks like a magic. The using experience is amazing. Almost you can take it anywhere to project because of the battery supply. But there some rooms to improve this product, because of it is so small that it’s hard to make it steady, especially when it is connected to a hard hdmi cable. And the Wifi connection can be more stable!

  9. yuhaoLiu

    This little cube works like a charm
    This little cube works like a charm. I used it to project downward straight onto a table, and it was working well – no distortion or blur (unlike other projectors which can’t normally project downward). Also because of its tiny size, attaching it to the ceiling doesn’t require any special mount. Plus, it’s very durable – I accidentally dropped it onto the floor a few times (oops!) which turned on and it’s working just fine. Highly recommended.

  10. Annie Zheng

    We love it so much
    This is a gift from my friend. this projector gave us quality that I was not expecting, especially the durable size. Not only is this projector clear, with the HD quality, it enables my family to view movies and shows in ways never before imagined. We love it so much, it has become a part of our family to say the least!

  11. Jenny Li

    So amazing! It is really tiny cube
    Wow! So amazing! It is really tiny cube. I even can put it in my pocket. Also easy to operate. I’m not good at electrical product, however I still figure out how to operate it even without the menu. I use it everywhere: living room, kitchen, garage, even on the bedroom ceiling. You could see one of my picture with the TENKER logo. I took the picture when I was lying on bed. It’s perfect!

  12. Nana Zou

    she loved so much
    I brought this for my sister, she loved so much. She say it’s pretty small in size; same size of a adult hand which it make it easier to carry it. Even though she only used for couple days so far, she can’t lived without it!! She say the quality and the video came out on high resolutions compare to a projector she brought earlier on amazon. She can connect to wifi and she can even mirror to her phone and computer. I’ll say this is a pretty good and fair price gift to consider to give someone who like to watch movie and protecting their eyesight. I recommend this very much and hope people on amazon will see this comment.

  13. Kent Sampson

    I paid $210 and we’ll worth the money
    Very easy to connect to the phone. It’s possible to project print if you plan to use this for presentation but you need a dark font. I connected my kindle by the included cable and could watch Netflix. Almost as good as a 4’ projection as my 1500 lumen ceiling projector. Portability hard to convey. It weighs less than my iPhone 8 Plus!

  14. James

    Great Buy
    I’ve been looking for this projector everywhere. Small and portable, it’s the perfect screening for on the go entertainment. I even used it for the Super Bowl! Would highly recommend it for the traveler.

  15. Timothy Donavan Russell

    Good Quality, One Flaw
    It’s nice overall. I agree with the other reviewers who have said that it’s easy to set up and that the picture is high quality. It’s also very handy because it is short throw and so small. There is one thing I really don’t like about it, though, and that is that the battery status icon always appears in the corner of the image. For my purposes (video installations in my art gallery) that has limited my ability to use this projector. I have sent a message to TENKER, asking for confirmation that there is no way to turn off the icon. If there is no way to remove it at the present time, then I am hoping they will provide a software update soon that will add the option of turning it off. UPDATE August 1st, 2018: I heard back from TENKER customer service via email. The representative was very polite and understanding. He explained that there is no way with this model for them to remove the battery icon because of software licensing. Since I have figured out how to use the projector in my art gallery (by blocking off part of the image) so that the battery icon doesn’t show, and since TENKER has been honest and nice about the issue, I am upping my review to 4 stars.

  16. Shadow

    well designed and made by good materials, surprisingly the picture is so clear and …
    Compact and portable size, well designed and made by good materials, surprisingly the picture is so clear and vivid coming from this littler machine.This is my gift to my best friend. It’s worth it!

  17. it is awesome by jerry

    … us in a bag or backpack to set it easily. The interface is very simple
    This is a portable portable projector that we can take with us in a bag or backpack to set it easily. The interface is very simple, and the projection image is quite clear to such a small projector. Many formats are projected onto our walls through USB and YouTube video. All members of the family can use it!

  18. John Rambo

    This is really amazing product! Unimaginable small
    This is really amazing product! Unimaginable small, super easy to carry, actually it is even smaller than what I expected. Another unexpectedness is the fan noise is almost unnoticeable, very quite, comfortable to use. In terms of picture quality, not bad at all, bright and sharp, especially considering its compact size, very happy about its performance!

  19. Emo Bunny

    A great device.
    You’re looking for a projector and reading the comments. Here’s what you need to know about the TENKER S6: – This thing is adorably tiny, has a sleek design, and isn’t obnoxiously loud. – For how small it is, the visual and audio quality is impressive. – There are three main ways to get this projector…. Projecting: HDMI, Wi-Fi, and Micro SD. – Wi-Fi works great, but the set-up is an ordeal. It is also a battery killer on all devices involved. – HDMI is Perfect. Great quality, long battery life, no set-up hassle. – Micro SD is for windows format only, so get ready to reformat some content Mac Peeps. – The power cord provided is about one and half arm’s length, but can be used while the Projector is running for continuous use. I would recommend this projector for most uses, especially for a PS3 or Laptop, but I would not advise this as a YouTube viewing device for your phone since the Wi-Fi seems to work against itself. It gets four stars because it works just as advertised and is a fun and impressive machine, but lacks a user friendly edge that makes picking it up everyday unlikely for me.

  20. Ray

    Four Stars
    Would love it if it had skew correction

  21. hello_kitty

    Nice projector!
    I chose this mini projector, the price is higher than the performance! As a Christmas gift, Very suitable!This is awesome! It’s small and portable making it easier to carry around. It’s two hour battery life can last one movie before needing to be charged again. Loving this product!

  22. User

    I am so happy with this mini projector
    I am so happy with this mini projector. There’re free tripod and HDMI cable which are super convenient. As for the quality, I think it is very solid and come with metal frame , not like those with cheaply made of plastic materials. The brightness and resolution are impressive. The size is very small and easy for you to put in pocket or handbag.

  23. Jane W

    Love the size
    Love how small it is and how clear the image it can deliver. Easy set up with my Samsung phone. Thanks!

  24. jenny

    I can hear it perfectly fine. Very convenient and portable
    For a tiny machine, it is incredibly clear. I have it project to my ceiling so I can just lay in bed and watch. I read from review that the volume might be too quiet but to. Since it’s right next to me, I can hear it perfectly fine. Very convenient and portable. For a person that’s always have neck pain from looking down. This will totally help since I won’t have to look down. I love the shape and the stand that it came with. So high tech and futuristic look to it. I can bring it anywhere. Perfect for a so I can just play slides at the birthday party. It did say that does need dark room to work. But I have table lamp on and I still see great. I feel dumb few times by pointing the remote to the ceiling! But yea make sure you point at the projector when using the remote.

  25. Kelly

    The camera is easy to set up and connect by using wifi
    We always want to set up a TV in our bedroom but we don’t have much spaces, and this mini projector solves all the problems. The camera is easy to set up and connect by using wifi. The quality of the images is good. We connect the projector by using our phone, so we can enjoy watching shows on bigger screen. The bettery lasts about over an hour on a charge, so most of the time is enough to watch the entire movie with it.

  26. YN Baby

    I very like this mini Projector with Wi-Fi
    I very like this mini Projector with Wi-Fi.The product itself looks great. It’s very small and stylish.You can bring it everywhere.it comes with a tripod,very good deal. It easily connects wirelessly to the iPhone 6 Push.The battery is great. you can adjustable projection size. The colors are great, the sharpness is fantastic and the images are great. Great Projector!Very happy with it.

  27. Lydia

    Home Theater Projector I enjoy the image quality of the projector
    Home Theater Projector I enjoy the image quality of the projector. I have not taken any special actions to prepare a screen, I watch it as it is projected on my wall. A little more info on connecting the wifi and other remote devices would help. The blower fan is heard on quiet scenes of a show. Other than these issues I think it is a great device.

  28. Daesu kwak

    It very easy to connect
    This projector are small but it so powerful. It very easy to connect, the image are so clear. It easy to carry it so you can watch movie anywhere you go. It so impressed me the mini projector can be work so great and good quality. I am so satisfied with my purchase. Highly recommend to everyone.

  29. rhetoric404

    Love this projector!
    I love this thing, it’s so clear and projects a huge screen. Only downside is it makes a tiny bit of noise but you get used to it.

  30. Mom of 3

    Don’t let the size fool you, great things do come in small packages!
    We LOVE to go camping and recently we have seen several campers using projectors to watch movies or sports games outside in the evening. The kids get so excited every time they see someone doing it. We have a larger projector that we use at home, but I wanted something smaller that I could either store at the camper (space is limited) or wouldn’t be difficult to transport back and forth. This projector is perfect for a camper. I was shocked at how small lit actually is. It was super easy to set up and worked great with our fire stick. The quality for such a small device is amazing! I love that the battery charges so you don’t have to have it plugged in while watching a show or movie since plugs are limited in a camper. The tripod it comes with is small and compact and works great for holding the projector. You can adjust the legs and tilt of the projector as needed. While the volume is not as loud as our large projector, it is loud enough that we can watch a movie without disrupting our neighbors. It also has a plug you can plug headphones in which is a nice added bonus. We are super pleased with this projector and don’t plan on leaving home without!

  31. Vivien Yen

    Love this Mini Projector so much
    This mini projector has really impressed me. it’s very small and stylish which is so convenience for on the go. You can bring it everywhere with no hassle. So easy to set up and connect by using the HDMI cable or you can even using iPhone to mirror the screen to the projector. The most fun part is that you can watch movies almost everywhere, project it to a wall or even on the celling when you relax on your bed. it’s just so cool to have it!!

  32. Elva

    This projector is really tiny and awesome! It came with everything what you need to …
    This projector is really tiny and awesome! It came with everything what you need to start. And It also came with a mini-tripod which is very handy and packs away easily. It only took me several minutes to setup. During the weekend evening my two little kids lay down my bed and we watch Movie together which could be projected on the wall or even on the ceiling! It is very good choice for home entertainment. We all truly enjoy this home theater .

  33. nettie

    Its awesome
    There are plenty of cube projectors on amazon. Here is why i personally believe the tenker s6 to be the best…. If you plug it in it works indefinetly, however the same can be said of most projectors. But the Tenker s6 has a 100 lumen projection screen. Compare that to the mostly 50 lumen cubes out there. Thats half the lumens that you get with this badboy. Another thing which i love is that the power plug is a standard micro usb. Meaning if you have oh say a 20,000 mah powerbank you don’t need a wall socket to run as many movies as you like. Providing that you don’t own a wallhugger i phone or such. Say you run a note 4 on a zerolemon 10,000 mah battery and you run the tenker s6 on an Anker 10,000 mah powerbank. You can watch roughly about 9 movies. Thats a rough estimate but i’m sure you techies out there can do the math. Less wires, adaptors, and cords. Its one awesome travel theatre.

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