TENKER Cordless Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Back Massager with Heat – Rechargeable Use Unplugged (Pillow) for Shoulders, Lower Back, Calf, Legs, Foot – Use at Home, Office, and Car

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  • Cordless & Rechargeable-Designed with rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 2 hours of using without plug. You can use this massager anywhere. Car charger included.
  • Heat Function & Relives Sore Muscles -The 3D Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat delivers a circular kneading massage and vigorus vibration to loosen tight muscles.
  • Multi-use Massager-The Kneading Massage Pillow from TENKER provides a deep kneading shiatsu massage that is great for sore muscles, tight knots and deep-tissue. The versatile design allows it to be used on neck, back and shoulders.
  • Ergonomic Massage-Features like an ergonomic, this massage pillow nodes move in an inward and outward motion for a deeper, more authentic massage experience.
  • Safe to Use-The TENKER Shiatsu massage pillow is equipped with Overheat Protection Device & programmed with 30-minute Auto Shut-Off to ensure safety.

Out of stock

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Who need the massage pillow?

Sedentary staff

Nowadays people are under great pressure,especially for sedentary staff in the office sitting in front of computer all day. This product greatly promotes blood circulation and provide soothing and effective relief.Come and get your personal relaxation during the breaks. It will refresh you too.

The elderly

For elederly who has problem with sleeping,use our device to relieve stress and muscle tension for your body,by lying on a sofa or a bed,you could enjoy a full back shiatsu kneading massage,will helps a lot to promote your sleeping quality.

Long-distance drivers

Long time driving may cause great tensions in your neck and back,it will help you relief your neck, shoulder, back, buttocks, thighs, or any other areas you want to. It’s very helpful in relieving muscle pains, knots, and muscle tension.

5 reviews for TENKER Cordless Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Back Massager with Heat – Rechargeable Use Unplugged (Pillow) for Shoulders, Lower Back, Calf, Legs, Foot – Use at Home, Office, and Car

  1. SyntheticMollie

    I have Occipital Neuralgia, and was told 4-6 weeks of massage with heat would be the only thing that could help it to go away. I have noticed a huge difference using this product. And when I cant sleep, I lay on my side and put it against my back….Puts me to sleep every time! My husband, friends and both my daughters love it. Some have even bought it after trying mine. We love it so much we even named her Janet. (The good place reference)

  2. Chelly F

    Okay, this thing is AMAZING. I have had other massagers that were way more expensive. I put this on my office chair. It also comes with a car charger to take it on the go. Plus the best part is it also heats up. I have used mine everyday for the past three days. My husband also uses it when his back and shoulders hurt after work. My only complain and it’s very small, is I wish the strap was longer to strap it to a wider chair if I wished.

  3. marcoz_08

    This is something I didn’t know I really needed. My family loves to try it out every now and then. I currently use it in the car or when I’m about to sleep. The massager is very strong and can still do it’s job under heavy pressure. I do wish the strap could’ve been bigger but it’s not a big issue. It fits my car seat perfectly but not my desk chair. After a session with this massager, it relaxes my tense back muscles. I sometimes get mild back pain and this helps it significantly. The heating function also works great too but it does take a few minutes to heat up. For what it’s worth, I recommend buying this. The battery lasts about what is advertised which is a good amount of time for me. It comes with a car charger and a wall charger too which is a plus.

  4. Jackie

    Amazing!! A few years ago I purchased a massager similar to this one from a different company. I can’t believe the difference in the two!! The TENKER Shiatsu massager blows the other one away!! I am a Massage Therapist and have alot of knots and trigger points across the top of my shoulders and up the back of my neck. There are 2 nodes on each side that rotate forward then will reverse rotation. The great thing is that one node is smaller than the other and feels almost like real thumb pressure during a massage! And it’s very easy to adjust your neck to really get a certain muscle worked on! So glad I purchased this one from TENKER!!

  5. muhmd

    This massages areas really well, it feels like thumbs from a actual massage therapist going into the tissue and getting those knots. There is 3 settings on this, one normal, one with heat, and the other with some variety. It doesnt run on battery but rather with a wall plug. I use it for neck area but mostly works well for my upper back areas to work muscle tension.

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